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We designed our facility around our customers needs. Tallers Fontanet Works has everything you need and expect in a machine shop.
Welding assemblies and large machining

Mig-mag/TIG welding assemblies and welded iron structures, threatments and surface finish.


Our mills and lathes allows us to machine heavy and large parts.   


Machining, grinding and EDM in single parts and short series of parts. We work tool steels, stainless, copper, bronze technical plastics...

We have a wide range of metrology equipment to measure and guarantee the specifications of our customers.

Sheet metal works 

We offer in-house plasma cutting, punching, forming, shearing and machining, MIG, TIG and stick welding for any ferrous or non-ferrous material.

We have completed projects for a variety of applications including: structural, mechanical, architectural, tanks, chambers, pressure vessels, racks/skids, material handling, road construction, and heavy equipment.

Repair and machine modifications

Our professional team of machinists and engineers are skilled in the fields of mechanical repairs and new part manufacturing. We apply ourselves to serving many different industries with our years of experience and extensive ongoing training. 

Technical department

From our technical department to our machines. We use cad-cam systems and a 3d design tools to provide our customers jigs, reverse engineering and documentation from any mechanical assembly.

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