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CNC Lathes 

Haas ST15

Haas ST10Y

Haas TL2 equiped with deep drilling head

Haas ST30Y

Doosan Lynx 2600 SY (subspindle + Y axis)

Conventinal lathes

-Schaublin 102 chuck

-Schaublin 102 collet

-Torrent 2000 B.P. d550

-Pinacho S90/310(3650mm)

Mills and machining centers

Haas Vf1


Haas VF5

Haas VF3 + 4th axis HRT210

Haas VF10 

Haas umc500 (5th axis)

Haas umc500 SS (5th axis)

Fexac UM 

Zayer KF 3000 (2700x1000x1000)

Grinding and EDM

Flat grinder Kent 300x500mm útil

Int. grinder danobat 400 

CNC grinder danobat 1200 E.P.

Grinder Danobat 1200 

Grinder Danobat 800 

Grinder centerless 

Grinder Danobat interiors i exteriors L 500 entre punts 

Flat grinder Hidroprecis 1000x400

Flat grinder Kent 500x300

Grinder danobat int/ext. L 500 B/P

Wire EDM Ona Prima e400 

Wire EDM Ona AD35

EDM SPark machine Ona 


WECO pulse 350A

MIG-Mag Rehm 450 A

Apasol Tig 200A

Miller Tig ac/dc

Àguila Resistence welder

Axial Press brake 80 TONS

Casanovas Shear 120 TONS

Metrology equipment

Mitutoyo Verniers 150-1000mm

Mitutoyo ext. micrometers 0-300mm 

Mitutoyo Alexometer for inside measures max. 300mm

Mahr interior 3p Micrometers  6-100mm

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